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At Apollo, we take pride in being more than just a tattoo studio – we’re a hub of creativity, self-expression, and innovation. Our dedicated team of artists brings together a passion for art and a commitment to delivering the coolest, most unique tattoo experiences.


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Explore the remarkable journey of Apollo Tattoo Studio as they’ve made waves in the media spotlight. In this ‘In the News’ section, we proudly showcase a collection of news articles and features where Apollo Tattoo Studio has been recognized and celebrated for their exceptional talent and contributions to the world of tattoo artistry.

The Californian

El Cajon’s Blue Tattoo Café owner and artist Sky Mason, is calling on his villagers …


Tattoo fans will soon have the opportunity to dive into a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

LA Weekly

Blue Mason is an award-winning tattoo artist and a master with ink.

Time Business News

Follow the journey of the mastermind behind The Apollo Tattoo Studio, a luxury facility

Vents Magazine

As award-winning tattoo artist Blue Mason – who is both an experienced ink magician…

Access Wire

The key features of Apollo will be a luxurious ambiance, which differs from traditional street

Tattoos Spot

Unprecedented times in life can cause confusion, difficulty, and struggle for many.

Eyes On Hollywood

Things can happen in life that can change the path that we take.

Tattoo styles

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Digital Design

Utilizing cutting-edge graphic design tools, our artists can bring your tattoo design to life like never before, offering a preview of the stunning...


Access to the most advanced graphic deign tools used to animate movies and special affects, you artist will be able to render your tattoo design to show...

Private Studio

Come get tattooed in a comfortable, private space where the focus is solely on you and your art. I maintain a clean, comfortable environment...

Custom Tattoos

Not quite sure what you want or cant exactly find the right image. No Problem. Leave design to me. As your tattoo artist I’ll be able to create the tattoo of...

Perfectly Healed Tattoos

Using the latest in medical advancements your tattoo artist will be able to ensure your tattoo will heal perfectly with in seven days. No scabbing...

Tattoo Machine Technology

Using state of the art advancements in tattoo machine technology, your artist will be able to complete your tattoo with greater precision...

Painless Tattoos

Gone are the days of suffering for hours on end to get the ink of your dreams. You now have to option for a pain free tattoo experience....

Custom Tattoos

Once your design is complete your artist will be able to print your design directly to stencil increasing the accuracy of your design from 300 dpi to 3000 dpi...

latest article

Vegan Tattoo Ink!

Fusion, Eternal and Dynamic inks are all vegan tattoo inks. What Makes Ink Non-Vegan? • Bone Char Made from burnt animal bones; used to make black ink • Shellac Made from beetles; used as a binding agent • Glycerin Made of animal fats; used as a stabilizer to make the ink easier to work with. The great news is that the industry’s top-selling inks are vegan brands. Please note that being vegan does nothing to affect their quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our treatments, pricing, techniques, and more

Well, it’s not like summoning a genie from a lamp, but it’s pretty straightforward. Pick up the phone, send an email, or drop by the shop. Just remember, your tattoo artist isn’t the Wizard of Oz – they can’t work miracles if you don’t reach out. The best way to schedule with us is with a phone call

Think of it as a first date for you and your tattoo artist. You wouldn’t marry someone without getting to know them, right? A consultation helps you and your artist get on the same page and make sure your tattoo love story has a happy ending.

Getting a tattoo feels like a cross between a kitten’s gentle kiss and a chainsaw massage. It’s the kind of pain that makes you question every life decision you’ve ever made, especially if you’ve chosen a spot that’s as sensitive as a politician’s Twitter account. So, in short, it hurts, but hey, beauty is pain, right?

Well, let me put it this way, if you’re getting a tattoo from your buddy Bob who moonlights as a tattoo artist in his garage and sanitizes needles by blowing on them, then no, it’s not safe. But if you go to a reputable tattoo parlor with a licensed artist who actually knows what sterilization means, then yeah, it’s about as safe as crossing the street (unless you’re in New York City, in which case, good luck). Just make sure you don’t opt for a DIY tattoo kit from the back of a comic book, and you should be fine.

Well, kiddo, the age to get inked varies depending on where you are. In some places, you gotta be at least 18, which is basically the age when you’re legally allowed to do everything cool. But some areas might let you sneak into the tattoo shop at 16 or 17 with parental consent, so you can still feel like a rebel before hitting the big 1-8. Just remember, tattoos are for life (unless you want to quadruple the pain to your skin and wallet with laser removal down the line), so take your time deciding what you want, whether you’re 17 or 70.

Well, it’s not like getting ready for prom, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, don’t show up wasted; your artist ain’t your bartender. Second, make sure you’ve had a decent meal – passing out in the chair isn’t a good look. Lastly, if you’re going for a marathon ink session, bring some entertainment because it can get boring as heck. Oh, and shower. Your artist will thank you. So, to sum it up: sober, fed, clean, and entertained – that’s your pre-tattoo checklist.

Well, congratulations on the bun in the oven! But here’s the deal, getting inked while you’re cooking up a little one might not be the best idea. Let’s not make your unborn child’s first experience an impromptu tattoo needle serenade, shall we? And as for breastfeeding, it’s a tough world out there for those tiny taste-testers. So, maybe hold off on the ink until you’ve got a babysitter lined up.

Oh, the joys of teenage rebellion. Sure, your folks can sign the permission slip for that school field trip, but getting them to sign off on permanently etching your favorite band’s logo on your bicep? That’s a whole other ballgame. So, kiddo, maybe wait until you’ve got a bit more facial hair, both literally and metaphorically.

Well, if your sickness is of the “I can’t resist the urge to get inked” variety, then maybe it’s time for an intervention. But seriously, getting tattooed while you’re under the weather isn’t the brightest idea. Your body needs all its energy to fight off those pesky germs, not to mention the extra discomfort from the pain. So, maybe let the flu run its course first.

Absolutely! Tattoo artists aren’t running a used needle emporium. They’ll use fresh, sterile needles for every session. Your health and safety are top priorities – you’re not at a flea market!

Painkillers? Sure, if you want to turn your tattoo session into a blurry, drugged-up adventure! Seriously, consult your artist and a medical professional. Pain is part of the tattoo process – embrace it like a warrior!

Well, if you’re taking a daily dose of ‘Ibuprofen with a Side of Wisdom,’ you should be okay. But it’s always wise to consult your artist and a medical pro. Tattoos and prescription labels don’t usually hang out at the bar, but if you ensure no surprises they should mix without any knock-down, drag-out brawls breaking out.

Well, how much are you willing to part with your hard-earned cash? Tattoos can range from the cost of a decent dinner to a small down payment on a house. It all depends on size, complexity, and the whims of your tattoo artist. But hey, good ink ain’t cheap, and cheap ink ain’t good – or so they say.

Ah, the waiting game continues! You see, your tattoo might look like a vibrant work of art right after it’s done, but healing is a bit like watching paint dry – a tedious process. The surface healing typically takes about two to three weeks. During this time, you get to enjoy that lovely peeling skin and itching that feels like a hundred mosquito bites. Fun, right?
But wait, there’s more! The deeper layers of your skin are in for the long haul. It takes a good few months for those layers to fully heal and for your tattoo to reach its peak glory. So, while you’re enduring the itchiness and resisting the urge to scratch like a maniac, just remember – the best things in life (and tattoo healing) take time!

Ah, the human canvas – it’s a fickle thing. While some parts of your body might heal up like a champ, others can be a bit diva-like in their recovery process. The bony, high-maintenance areas like your elbows, knees, and feet tend to be the slowest healers. So, be patient, my friend, and give those temperamental spots some extra TLC.

Well, if you’re a true tattoo aficionado, you know there’s no bad time for some ink, right? But let’s get real; winter might not be the best pick. Imagine trying to flaunt your fresh ink while bundled up like an Eskimo – not exactly the fashion statement you had in mind, is it?

Ah, the eternal struggle of art versus nature! Hair’s a stubborn little thing, and it’ll keep doing its thing through your tattoo. But don’t worry, your tattoo artist won’t be held responsible for any hairy surprises. You’ll just have to work on your new look as a walking, talking art gallery!

Swimming with your fresh tattoo? Sure, if you want your artwork to dissolve into the pool like a modern art experiment gone wrong! Seriously though, give it at least two to three weeks. The pool will still be there, but your tattoo needs some quality alone time.

Imagine mowing a freshly landscaped garden. Not a good idea, huh? Shaving over your new tattoo is a bit like that. Wait at least a few weeks, or you’ll end up with a garden full of regrets!

Time, sunshine, and maybe a little too much scrubbing in the shower – that’s the recipe for fading tattoos. So, if you want your ink to stay vivid, try not to turn into a vampire who avoids sunlight, and be gentle when you’re soaping up your artwork.

Sure, you can donate blood, but you might want to hold off right after getting inked. It’s not because your tattoo is secretly a vampire bite, but it’s better to let it heal properly before becoming a blood donor superhero.

A chef’s secret recipe, perhaps? Well, not quite, but get 100 artists in a room and ask them how to heal a tattoo… You’ll have 100 different options to choose from! These days a lot of artists will have you use a medical grade bandage to protect for a week or so, then if anything some light (and very lightly applied) tattoo aftercare ointment will do the trick. Follow your artist’s instructions, or risk turning your artwork into a hot mess – and not in a good way!

Good news – you don’t have to live the rest of your life in a stinky bubble. You can shower, but be gentle! No aggressive scrubbing, or your new tattoo might turn into a modern art piece, and not the good kind.

It’s not a snake shedding its skin – it’s your tattoo healing. Keep it clean and moisturized and resist the urge to pick at it like you’re saving up for your prized scab collection. Patience is key, grasshopper.

Unless you’re getting a tattoo on your eyelids and can’t keep your eyes open, you’ll probably be just fine. No need to book a post-tattoo vacation. Life goes on, even with a bit of ink under your skin!

Sure, you can, but remember, your artist is the real Picasso here. They might suggest some tweaks to make it work on the unique canvas that is your skin. So, feel free to bring your inspiration, but be open to a little artistic collaboration!

Well, what’s a rainbow without colors, right? Of course, it’s going to cost you a bit extra for that vibrant palette. But hey, who wants a tattoo that looks like it’s been drawn with invisible ink? Live a little – go for the colors!

Instant gratification, huh? Well, your artist isn’t a vending machine. Quality takes time. Expect to wait a week or two to see that masterpiece come to life on paper (or if your artist is busy, it may be weeks or days ahead of your appointment date) – patience, young grasshopper!

Forever and ever, or until you turn into a cyborg. Tattoos are for life, not just for the weekend. So, make sure it’s something you won’t regret when you’re 90 and telling your grandkids about your wild youth.

Tattoos and milkshakes? Sounds like an odd combo. But if you’re still lactating, you might want to hold off on the ink. Your tattoo artist isn’t equipped with a ‘baby-friendly’ sticker.

Don’t expect your artist to spill the secret sauce recipe. They use high-quality tattoo inks, not your grandma’s homemade tomato sauce. Rest assured, it’s all safe and legit.

Most likely, yes. Tattoos age like fine wine – they get better with time but may need a little top-up now and then. Your artist will let you know when it’s time for a tattoo tune-up.

Inner lip tattoos? Sure, if you’re looking for a secret message only your dentist can read. But beware, they fade faster than your New Year’s resolutions.

Well, it’s not a daycare center. If your kids are future ink enthusiasts, maybe introduce them to the art when they’re old enough to appreciate it. In the meantime, leave them with a babysitter – it’s not a playground.

Tipping isn’t just for waiters and waitresses, folks! If your tattoo artist created a masterpiece on your skin, show some appreciation. Tipping is the socially acceptable way to say, “Thanks for making my body a canvas!”

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