Normal Dad but Bad Ass

Normal Dad But Bad Ass

Fusion, Eternal and Dynamic inks are all vegan tattoo inks. What Makes Ink Non-Vegan? • Bone Char Made from burnt animal bones; used to make black ink • Shellac Made from beetles; used as a binding agent • Glycerin Made of animal fats; used as a stabilizer to make the ink easier to work with. The great news is that the industry’s top-selling inks are vegan brands. Please note that being vegan does nothing to affect their quality.

A.I. is doing your next Tattoo

Artificial intelligence and tattoos Artificial intelligence and tattoos might seem like an unlikely pairing, but recent advances in technology have made it possible for AI to play a role in the tattoo industry. One way that AI is being used is through the development of tattoo recognition software that can identify different styles and designs. This software can help tattoo artists to better understand their clients’ preferences and create more personalized designs.


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